Thursday, September 2, 2010

First few days back in Japan

First of all, IT'S SO HOT!!!

Ok, now back to the first few days~

Well, a lot has happened in these past 2.…no maybe 3(?) days so I’ll have to categorize or else I’ll start a never ending ramble

Flying over : This was by far the WORST experience of my life…it was actually like an out of world experience because I was so tired/confused throughout the whole thing. America to Tokyo was fine, but once I got to Tokyo international airport, it was a different story. Because of so many rules and regulations due to terrorists in Japan, I had no idea why I was sitting in a shady basement terminal waiting for an airplane for 4 hours. However, it did turn into a very cool experience (one which I will probably NEVER experience in America) and this bus took us to the plane. So there were no tubes or anything, we were like out on the runway outside taking stairs onto the plane. It was quite amazing, as I’ve never been that close to a plane before (at least without all the tubing and security). That was actually one good about the whole experience J When Vicky (my bestest friend from my previous exchange to Japan), Yo chan (my new host sister), and Shinya (Yo chan’s boyfriend) saw me we all FREAKED OUT. I think all the Japanese people around were scared xDD Me and Vicky had a total spaz out hug fest, but then I realized it was about…oh, NINETY DEGREES HOTTER THAN AMERICA (!!!) and I stopped. Seriously, I hadn’t walked even five steps before I was drenched in sweat (-_-) mecha atsui (very hot) !! And the humidity is like 110 percent if that’s even possible. But I was so excited!!!! I AM IN JAPAN!!!!! And all the bright lights in Higashi Umeda (train station in Osaka) seemed even brighter!! Even now I can’t believe it, I’m back. This is so cool!

First Night: I think Monan (my 8 year old host brother) is trying to kill me and Vicky (-__-) Everybody loved all the present I got for them though J I bought a couple shirts for Shinya, but Yo chan wears them instead because she said she liked them, poor Shinya haha xD My new host family lives right across the street from a vending machine too, so 24/7 access to Coca Cola Muwhaha >:D Anyways, we all walked Reita (my new adorable host dog) together to the park and laughed and took pictures. Me and Vicky were too slow though so Monan kept yelling “HYAKU HYAKU!!! (faster!!)” but we just went slower xD The park is really nice though, and it has a really pretty view of the river, I think I’ll enjoy going there mainichi (everyday). For dinner Otosan (host dad) made me sashimi and we all had sushi, it was very oishii (^0^)b I really love my new host family. They are so down to earth so I feel so comfortable around them!! Watashi wa ureshii (I am happy) J Oh and I met my sister’s yankee (gangster(?)) friend Sho and I said he was “kakkoih (handsome), so now Yo chan is very excited for me and Sho to talk again. I only said he was handsome to be polite though.. But he seems like a really nice person. They all do!! After meeting Sho, Okaasan helped me with my application to Yo chan’s school. I had to write a letter about my dreams for the future…in all Japanese!!! I was pretty nervous at first but I got it all done so I was super happy (^0^) It’s a good thing I learned Hiragana (Japanese writing system: used for words that don‘t have a kanji) before I came! Okaasan was really impressed that I learned them all in just 1 month, but I used a Hiragana pictogram app on my phone so it wasn’t too hard to memorize them. Even though I drunk like 50 bottles of cola (I get thirsty so easily here!!) I slept like a baby my first night J

First Day of school: Okaasan took me to school my first day to talk to the guy who is going to be my teacher. The way seems a bit…complicated though. It’s like we take a bus a lot of stops, get off at Higashi Umeda station, walk down a shady staircase (haha xD) and then take a train. But the good news is, KTC (my new school) is basically right across the street from the train station :D We sat in a room and conversed with my new teacher, he is so nice!!! Actually, all the teachers are!! And I was a bit worried about the students (my okaasan said that KTC is a school for kids who…well…don’t like school xD) but everyone was very kind, just a bit shy J We decided which classes/clubs I would take (I’m actually not quite sure what those were, as everything was decided in Japanese, but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow J After this we me and Okaasan (mom) went to Makudo (McDonalds) and I tried the “McPork”. Huh. It kind of tasted like sausage. Kind of…haha. Okaasan was telling me about when there were the bacteria in the cow beef in America so all the places in Japan that had gotten their beef from America were losing money because people didn’t want to buy it. So that they would still make money they came up with an all new pork menu. Which is how the McPork came to be in Japan McDonalds :) I found that quite interesting.

Visiting Asahi: So when I was last in Japan, I attending a Asahi high school. I made a bunch of good friends there, and Vicky still goes there, so I decided to visit. Sunday is the day of the Asahi festival so there are no classes this week and everyone is training super hard. When me and Vicky were walking up the stairs to my classroom, we saw some of my old classmates and they FREAKED OUT!! Hahaha:

Vicky: So yeah I…

Old Classmates: *dead stop when they see me* Jojo….Jojo?….JOJO????? JOJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs up and grabs me*

Me: Oh god! Konnichiwa??!!!

Old Classmates: JOJOOO!!!!!

And they just kept saying my name over again and saying how it was impossible for me to be there xD Oh and we saw Kokurin (one of my best friends from last time…we have a bit of a love/hate relationship though), Jun, and Hiro (my old classmates) and they had pretty much the same reaction xD I asked Kokurin is he had missed me (expecting him to be like “Oh no whatever”) and he went “OH YES!!! YES!!!! So…so much” hahaha oh god, these Japanese sure know how to make a girl feel special xD They made me promise to come to the festival on Sunday. And I will, because Vicky kindly bought me a ticket J I’m excited, I’ve always wanted to see a Japanese high school festival! Oh and Kokurin looked quite different. He changed his hairstyle, and he wasn’t wearing his uniform shirt, but a bright turquoise undershirt. Vicky was like “What the heck! You can’t wear that in school man! >:O” haha

After this it was time to see my favorite Japanese people: Chibi and Misato They were my bestest best Japanese friends last time and they are so kind/funny! They taught me a lot of Japanese and they can speak very good English. We had to meet them in the room above the cafeteria (it’s like a meeting room type place) because they were painting. Vicky walked in first and said “Hey guys I’m back!!” and they said, “…Where’s jojo??” and when I walked in behind Vicky they were like “OH MY GOD!!!!” and ran over and grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go xDD I missed them so much though!! We all sat/drank juice/laughed together and then another one of my favorite people came! Shota! He’s really nice too. He speaks really good English because he went to America for a year. By the time we left it was really dark/shady outside and Vicky didn’t have a bike so we asked Shota to take us back to my house. He rode Vicky the whole way, even up all the really steep hills (which I couldn’t even get up by myself xD) so we were like, “Whoaa!! You are strong!!” Once we got back we walked Reita with Monan to the park again.

Jenga and friends: After my second day of school, everybody threw me a welcome party J We all played games (Jenga/card games with Japanese people is the best thing ever) and I met this guy names Shide. He’s half Japanese/half Filipino and he speaks good English so we were talking and he asked me a bunch of questions about America. They taught me rough Kansai ben (Osaka Dialect), so basically instead of saying “O namae wa nan desu ka? (what is your name?) J ” its, “Omaidyanen?! (Who are you man?!) >:O” hahaha

After school I hung out with Yo, Shinya, and Sho. Yo kept trying to get me to tell Sho “Ashiteru! (I love you) “but I escaped and went to go pick up Vicky at Asahi and went with her to a hair salon near my house and it was pretty cool. I want a cute Japanese hairstyle (T^T) After I take out my braids in October the hairdresser ladies said they could do me :D And that they can handle my unruly curly hair, we’ll have to see about that xD When we got back to my house we had the funniest dinner in my entire life (Vicky is quite hilarious), then went to the park to play soccer with Reita and Monan.

My first few days have been quite eventful, and I can’t wait to experience all things Japanese!! I’m back!! \(^0^)/

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