Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baseball Game

A few weeks back my Okaasan took me, Vicky, and my little host brother to a baseball game. Since this was on my list of stuff I wanted to do I was really excited :D My okaasan made a big lunch of rice balls and sandwiches and we set out. My Otosan drove us to the Osaka dome (another thing of my list J ) and dropped us off. It was a really exciting atmosphere! It was pretty much like a baseball game in America, but there was actually less technology when it came to the tickets. I think that’s because this wasn’t a major league game though, just a small league. We came into a big room and gave a person our tickets (and we got a discount because of my little brother’s school ^^) and they gave us free T-shirts. Tada suki (I like free)!! \(^0^)/ When we got into the arena it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be! And it seemed to perfect, like a hologram or something. I found the cheering very interesting though. It wasn’t like America where people just yell and shout out random things; people knew exactly what to chant/yell. It was very orderly and they switched between fans. Like our team sung/chanted/did a specific song, then the other team did the same. It reminded me of my high school football teams and how the bands play. Oh and something else that I found quite interesting was that there were a lot of foreigners on the baseball team. Like there were 3 whites guys, One Hispanic, and one Indian guy. Whenever the white guys went they played rock music, Hispanic guy: samba, Indian guy: music from the movie soundtrack of Slumdog Millionaire xDD Towards the end, we blew up these balloons (that looked oddly familiar to something I learned about in health class…) and we let them go all together. It was really pretty, I wish I could have gotten a video :O Otosan said he didn’t feel like picking us up (gotta love Otosan haha xD) so we took the train home. Overall it was a good day ^^

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