Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday :)

Well, my birthday is September 23rd, and it was on a Wednesday, but we didn’t celebrate it until Friday. The day of my birthday was actually kind of sad. My Otosan (father)’s Obaachan (grandma) died on the day of my birthday (depressing….) so my host parents had to drive far away to get to her funeral. When I came downstairs my Otosan was playing on his guitar in the dark and singing a really sad Japanese song… My okaasan (mother) was ok though. She kept apologizing at the fact that they couldn’t celebrate my birthday. What the heck???? I’m not a monster!!!! His grandma DIED!! Of course I understood!!!! She made me feel bad. But it was ok. Anyways, they put me and Vicky (did I mention that me and Vicky live in the same house? It’s a long story) in charge of my little brother and the dog Reita (yeah, she said dog too xD) and said we could use the internet in my Otosan’s office. It was funny though because when I came home from school I found this huge pile of junk food (instant ramen, melon bread, candy, etc) on the dining room table table and I was like “eh…is someone robbing our pantry?” and then I found a note from my Okaasan that said “Dinner is on the table” Hahaha I love my Okaasan. And she knows how much I love budou (grapes) so even though they are takai (expensive), she bought some and they were on the table too. Along with a note that said “Here is budou for Jojo~ Hugs and kisses, okaasan”. So nice!!! (>_<) That day my little host brother was going to a friend's house so me and Vicky went to Karaoke with my three good friends Misato, Shota, and Chibi (Mai), along with Shota’s friends and some other exchangers. It was a lot of fun and I got a really cute gift from Chibi (^0^) and Shota gave me a dragon ball. Yeah, don’t really know how to explain that. Then me and Vicky came home and had budou and instant ramen for dinner. Not very healthy but it tasted good xD And then we went out again with my yankii host sister and her boyfriend to sushi :D My birthday was kind of sad though. I really missed my family and friends back home :( Ok now for Friday. This was definitely one of the best birthday celebrations I have ever had. It was just…perfect. Okaasan made all of my favorite Japanese food (including Karaage [Japanese/Chinese style fried chicken] and dumplings). I think the best part was my cake though. She spelled name with budou on the top. Best. Cake. Ever. xD Now onto my Otosan. Even though Okaasan and Vicky are always saying how much he likes me (because I make him laugh a lot, something he rarely does), he never shows it much because that’s how Japanese dudes are. But his present to me was my name in Kanji. It’s a really beautiful kanji that literally means, “beautiful, pretty, lady” and basically a bunch of other pretty things. My okaasan said it took him a long time to figure out the name. So my Japanese name is: Jojo Yoshikawa (the last name is my host family’s name). I was so touched!!!! I actually almost cried. I really feel apart of the family!!! I think this was one of my happiest moments here. I feel so grateful to have such a great host family.

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